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Aproximació al Teatre de Rodolf Sirera
En este volumen diferentes hombres de teatro, entre ellos Vicente Genovés, hacen una semblanza del dramaturgo valenciano Rodolf Sirera.
ISBN 84-7660-451-3

The world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

El mundo es un escenario, y todos los hombres y mujeres son meros actores.



About me /CV

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Sports: fencing, horse-riding, archery and Tai-chi
Languages: English, French, Italian, Catalan and Spanish

Graduated from Valencia School of Drama (Spain) he has played a wide variety of roles on stage, TV and movies, and directed theatrical pieces by some of the most well-known playwrights.
As an actor, Genoves has appeared in a number of successful television soap operas in Spain.


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